Monday, September 2, 2013

“It will!”– The confidence of a child

I have a blog? Oh yeah, hmm.

So I love being around Katie. She has this uncanny way of teaching and challenging me to be better. Plus, she’s super funny and makes me smile and laugh (even when I’m basically on the brink of breakdown from PhD-weight/related stress). Anyhow, Katie has a faith and optimism that reminds me of what I aspire towards myself. Over dinner tonight,  (thank you, Paula for having me!) I told Katie that I hope her first day of school goes well. She responded--seemingly surprised that it could go any other way--with an strong and confident “It will!” (To be read with both volume and pitch above that of average conversation, as in, “Of course!” or “Well duh!”)

IMG_5143   IMG_5064

I thought a great deal about that “It will!” on my drive home to Provo tonight. It’s no secret that I’ve been a little less than thrilled about my first day of school tomorrow (which is something like my 34th first day of school, depending on how you count it). But I’ve decided to follow in the inspiring footsteps of my four-year-old niece and try to answer with more “it will!”s in the upcoming weeks and months

Let’s try it out:

“I hope your first day of school and work go well, Jamie!”

--“It will!”

“I hope your prospectus gets done in time!”

--“It will!”

“I hope you get matched at your top-ranked internship!”

--“[I] will!” (See what I did there?)

“I hope all your dreams—personal and professional—come true!”

--“[They] will!”


Positive thinking, folks. “It’s gonna be big.” You know, like indoor plumbing.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some stuff happened…and then Jennie turned 30!

I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to delve in to current events without some homage to my absence. But rather than berate myself, a quick update instead:

Some stuff happened.

Not enough? Alright, alright. A few quick details (and accompanying visual stimulation)…
A brother became a missionary:
A sister became a doctor (white coat and all):
A student became a teacher (in Hawaii of all places).
BYUH Panorama

Some nieces and nephews got even cuter.
IMG_3895         IMG_3909


IMG_3184    IMG_3686 

(A new nephew was born! I love you, Sammy!)

Some vacations, holidays and plain, precious family bonding.
IMG_3528  IMG_3901  IMG_3698  IMG_3703IMG_3858  IMG_3979  IMG_4146  IMG_4284   IMG_4493  IMG_4513   R1-03188-010A  Michael SkypeR1-03188-022A  R1-03188-024A
A lot of daunting dissertation dissonance (and unfortunately very little actual dissertating action).

But most importantly (or most recently): Jennie turned 30!
IMG_4602 IMG_4658IMG_4630 IMG_4642IMG_4698 IMG_4635IMG_4643 IMG_4592IMG_4645 IMG_4617IMG_4632 IMG_4616IMG_4587 IMG_4591IMG_4604 IMG_4611IMG_4598 IMG_4609IMG_4596 IMG_4590IMG_4653

(Jennie’s favorite color is red, “just in case you couldn’t tell”).

We really had a great time. We even talked about making it a tradition for each successive sibling turning 30 (in which case Paula would be up next year and me in a short two years after that, crazy!). I hope we really do, it was just fun to celebrate together.

And that’s how it’s done, folks! (Catch-up/re-entry to the blogosphere, that is.)

Tag, you’re it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Saturday style St. Patrick’s day of 2012

The time has come (and gone, but let’s not split hairs) to pay homage to the greatest green day of the year. Since this year St. Patrick’s day fell on a Saturday, I had an opportunity to celebrate it with Paula and gang at her house. It was AWESOME, but I’m skipping ahead.

After surveying my options, I decided to wear a toned down green get-up on Friday for my campus commitments. I don’t remember much of that day (it did feel slightly off to be making a green—albeit muted—spectacle of myself a day early) or the outfit (um, I’m sure the shirt was green?) but the socks in the picture below were definitely the highlight. Those socks represent a proud new addition to my St. Paddy’s day stash, furnished by my mom in her very thoughtful package. Thanks, Mom!

IMG_3001    IMG_3002

The leprechauns definitely made their presence known in the Whitmer household in a big way. A tent set up in the living room, a monkey hanging from the ceiling fan; silly leprechauns obviously had fun!

IMG_3012   IMG_3013

IMG_3016   IMG_3071

Paula made delicious green pancakes:

IMG_3019    IMG_3021

And I found a little green enthusiast protégé in Katie! I think she had fun reaching in to my green shamrock bag filled with fun St. Patrick’s day accessories. I know I did!

IMG_3030   IMG_3039

IMG_3040   IMG_3031

It was really quite special to share my favorite holiday with my favorite [Utah] nieces and nephew!

IMG_3088   IMG_3080

IMG_3098   IMG_3068

Well I didn’t get to go on campus or see clients in my complete green garb but Paula and I had a little public outing. We went to Walmart and then got Shamrock Shakes on the way back! Wow were those good. Mmm, I can almost taste the memory. I think that is something that I will have to add to my yearly celebration of St. Patrick’s day. (Minus next year what with it being the Sabbath and all; we’ll just have to prepare homemade versions!)


On to a closer look at the 2012 edition of my St. Patrick’s day wardrobe! Lighting has been my great challenge these past couple of years. I don’t know what it is, I just can’t seem to capture all the vibrant greens; so I try to experiment with filters and effects on Picasa afterward with varying degrees of success.  The following represent three attempts ranging from minimal to fairly significant adjustments. But I’ve had a thought: I should try outdoors next year! Couldn’t hurt. Smile


And so concludes another day of green magic. IMG_3150

Usually I take this time to lament the long year ahead before another exciting St. Paddy’s day event. But, due to my blog neglect and procrastination, it doesn’t feel like all that long before the holiday of my heart is upon us again.