Monday, September 2, 2013

“It will!”– The confidence of a child

I have a blog? Oh yeah, hmm.

So I love being around Katie. She has this uncanny way of teaching and challenging me to be better. Plus, she’s super funny and makes me smile and laugh (even when I’m basically on the brink of breakdown from PhD-weight/related stress). Anyhow, Katie has a faith and optimism that reminds me of what I aspire towards myself. Over dinner tonight,  (thank you, Paula for having me!) I told Katie that I hope her first day of school goes well. She responded--seemingly surprised that it could go any other way--with an strong and confident “It will!” (To be read with both volume and pitch above that of average conversation, as in, “Of course!” or “Well duh!”)

IMG_5143   IMG_5064

I thought a great deal about that “It will!” on my drive home to Provo tonight. It’s no secret that I’ve been a little less than thrilled about my first day of school tomorrow (which is something like my 34th first day of school, depending on how you count it). But I’ve decided to follow in the inspiring footsteps of my four-year-old niece and try to answer with more “it will!”s in the upcoming weeks and months

Let’s try it out:

“I hope your first day of school and work go well, Jamie!”

--“It will!”

“I hope your prospectus gets done in time!”

--“It will!”

“I hope you get matched at your top-ranked internship!”

--“[I] will!” (See what I did there?)

“I hope all your dreams—personal and professional—come true!”

--“[They] will!”


Positive thinking, folks. “It’s gonna be big.” You know, like indoor plumbing.