Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduations, birthdays, and a new camera!

How do you follow-up a post about St. Patrick's day? I think that's been one of the reasons for my 2-month hiatus from this blog. I didn't know how! But having just returned from a week-long, mid-term, vacation in Colorado with my wonderful family, I think I've found just the right stuff. Plus, I received a sweet new camera for my birthday from my parents! It's SO cool. I promptly put it to good use and have over 500 pictures from our week together to show for it (for those choice souls who want to sift through that mountain, click here; for others not so ambitiously inclined, check out the abridged version on my Facebook album).

As for the rest of you, stick around, you're sure to come across an image or two in this here post (more like 10 or 20, if I'm entirely forthcoming).

The week started out with Michael's graduation! I can't believe my little brother (the same little brother who was just 11 years old when I left for college) has graduated from high school and will be going to college himself in a few short months. Though I wasn't in Jennie's position (10 years Michael's senior, she had the opportunity of attending her high school reunion during her stay in Colorado), it certainly gave me reason to reflect and feel, dare I say, a little old. Perhaps turning 25 had something to do with that too...but I digress (and truthfully, I still feel quite young, no worries).

The week progressed with my 25th birthday on Sunday and my mom's 50th two days later. I really can't remember the last time I was home with my entire family for my birthday (though I have a sneaking suspicion it was my senior year in high school, which was seven years ago), but it was really quite special. We had waffles for breakfast (seriously, my dad makes the BEST waffles I've ever tasted) and a late Sunday night dinner (after Michael's seminary graduation), but wow, my dad's burgers are totally worth the wait. It was delicious. He even made me one of my favorites for my birthday cake: his very own interpretation of Boston cream pie, er cake.

But on to more visually appealing elements of our week (as I mentioned, I got this awesome camera for my birthday so the pictures I have are from the next day forward). My Mom has been saying for several months now that all she wanted for her fiftieth birthday was for us to be together. Well she got that.

...and fifty presents to go with it, just like we had done to celebrate my dad's 50th last year. Each gift was delivered with a hug which she received throughout the day. (Those cute tags are the handy work of Jennie, while Natalie, Paula and I kept busy with the wrapping).

Mom got fun toys to play with the grandkids:

And of course some things especially for her:

Yes, my mom got a new iPhone for her birthday from our dad. I think it's safe to say that she LOVES it!

It was a great week. I love my family more than anything. I love being an aunt. True, I'm biased, but I think I have the cutest, sweetest nieces and nephew and any time I get to spend with them warms my heart.

I think I'll have to save the rest for a later date. It's getting quite late and as much as I'd rather it not be so, tomorrow marks my return to school. Turns out I've still got classes...hmm, what a bummer when for the last 10 blissful days it's been feeling like summer vacation. Not quite yet, I guess. Ah sigh.

Goodnight, world (and moon).


  1. yay! what a wonderful post! i love your family :) birthdays and family - great combination!

  2. I love you Jamie! And finally, after checking your blog everyday, it changed from St Patricks Day! You should write more often, because your posts always make me smile. I love all of the pictures, and this was such a good reminder of how lucky we all are to be so close as a family! I hope the return to school wasn't too bad.

  3. Thank you for posting! It is so fun to share the memories again and have a place to remember them! You have such a talent for writing as well! I hope the rest of school goes well and we look forward to summer (the real summer!!)