Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patrick's Day with Jamie

Here it is: the long-anticipated St. Patrick's Day 2011 post, with pictures! For those of you who didn't get to see me on this special green day, I hope these pictures will serve as an acceptable alternative. And to make it a little more interesting, I'd like to intersperse some narrative to take you through a St. Patrick's day in the life of yours truly.

As I have already shown, I start to get really excited for St. Patrick's day about week before the big day (for a refresher, see this earlier post). Why fight it? So I gave in this year and decided to extend my observance of St. Patrick's day by wearing green every day of the week. I was not as consistent in taking pictures, unfortunately, but I started off right! Here was Monday:

I started off small, and let the green grow in prominence a little bit each day.

If you didn't believe me when I said I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas, perhaps these next images of my St. Paddy's EVE will convince you:

Yes, my celebration of St. Patrick's day includes a separate outfit for the night preceding March 17th. Sure some of it is trying out different ways to wear my accessories, but I definitely have St. Patrick's day-themed pajamas! You have to prepare for these things, because March 17th starts at midnight! Mustn't be caught unawares and without green! I for one was wearing quite a bit of green in one form or another for the full 24 hours.

Finally, the day arrived! I was up at 5am and fully dressed and ready to walk out the door by 6am (not that I did, I busied myself with some other things until a more appropriate hour and ended up leaving at about 7am). But here was my morning!

The leprechauns made some not-so-subtle suggestions for what I should do. Whether it was books, or music, or movies, or pens, they had made their point and offered whatever was up to their green standard.

Even my backpack was festive! It turned out to be quite a fun and enjoyable day at school. I didn't have class, but the leprechauns left a message on the white board in the grad lab AND brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Yum! I also had the opportunity to attend a thesis proposal meeting and even saw a couple clients. Was I wearing my green? Yes, yes I was. It's funny, it had been this big dilemma for me because we're supposed to dress in business professional clothes and I worried that my get-up would detract from the counseling. So, in truth, I had planned on bringing my nice pants at least to change into when I was seeing clients...alas, I forgot. Genuinely! It really wasn't on purpose! But I have to admit it was pretty fun. They didn't mind; in fact I think they probably appreciated seeing such a different side of me.

After my campus commitments were satisfied, I went and visited a dear, dear friend who has seen and been with me on this day in the past and appreciates "Jamie on St. Patrick's day." It was fun to see you, Traci! I'm excited the leprechauns visited your home too!

And to top off a wonderful day, I got to go up to South Jordan to my sister's because my dad came into town on Thursday afternoon!! How exciting is that?!

It was a bit of a late night getting back to Provo (not even that late, actually, I was just worn out!) so I went straight to bed (I even put off cleaning up after the leprechauns, which is the arrangement I've agreed to).

I slept in another St. Patrick's day-appropriate outfit and it was blissful. In the morning, I got up and the reality of a full year to go before another St. Patrick's day set in.

But I waved my traditional goodbye to the green greatness of March 17, 2011...

Thanks for visiting, old friend. Please, come again. How about same time next year? Sweet.

The end.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Green origins!

When exactly did it start? How? Why? Good questions! But I'm afraid I don't know the answers. At least, not all of them. I love St. Patrick's Day. I love to wear the green. But as you'll see, it's taken some years to develop.

The oldest picture I have in my possession is from 2005. Freshman year, in the dorms. :)

Then came St. Paddy's day, 2006...

2007 - I love this hat. :)

2008 - A somewhat bigger Jamie :) had to lose the pants under the skirt and the hat, but I did wear green even on the mission.


And finally 2010.

Coming up next, 2011! 3 days and counting!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"You are my brother!"


Well I don't know that Michael is much of a blog-follower/reader, but after I looked through some old pictures this morning, I couldn't help but post!

Not to worry, this isn't the last picture taken of us or anything. I just liked it. I can't believe how much and how fast you've grown, Michael! You're 18 today? That's crazy! And very cool. :)

I'm fairly certain this is the first video I've posted. And in my humble opinion, it's pretty awesome. I just love it. So I've named it Michael's Disneyland Dance (not to underplay your part in it though, Natalie) but for today's purposes, it might as well be his birthday dance! :) I hope he doesn't mind my sharing it!

And now for the more recent stuff. He is after all, 18 years old today (if you didn't catch that before).

And finally, one of my favorite pictures of all time (props to Michael Ciaglo for doing M-hans' Senior pictures, they turned out great):

Actually, it's a hard pick; I loved a lot of Michael's senior pictures...oh indulge me, just a couple more:
What can I say? I love this kid! Michael, happy birthday. Know that we are all so very proud of you and SO grateful to have you in our family and home. You're awesome, talented, fun-loving and the best little brother we four sisters could ask for. Happy 18th! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

"You are my [sister]."


So I went on a quest to find a picture of myself and Jennie for this special-edition birthday post, and you know what? It was harder than it should have been. I think the last picture that was taken of the both of us was this one (Daddy's 50th birthday celebration/meeting Sarah in Oregon, last JUNE):

And we're not even sitting next to each other! Jennie, we need to rectify this situation. You and me, picture time, May 22, 2011. Be there, or be well, absent. But you'll be there! Yes, I see this working.

Well I thought I'd include a more recent (and absolutely wonderful) picture of Jennie with her family that I sleuth-fully downloaded from Facebook.

Now aren't they a good-looking family? The answer is yes. Decidedly so. Unequivocally so. And no, I'm not biased at all.

Anyway, happy happy birthday to my wonderful oldest sister! There's no one like you in the world (or my life) and I'm so grateful to have your friendship. I hope your day is special and full of smiles and laughs and the fun of birthday magic!

I love you, Jennie!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Patrick's day, you make me smile!

So for whatever reason...well I know the reason(s), but they're not relevant to this here post...I've been in a little funk lately. Just a couple of days, really. Or an hour here, a couple hours there. It's hard because usually (gratefully) I'm a pretty happy, hopeful person. But anywhy (if we can say anywho, and anyhow, and anywhere, and anyway, why not anywhy?) there's a certain holiday coming up here in one week that never fails to make me smile and put me in good spirits. It's like magic! Green, St. Patty's day, leprechaun, pot o' gold magic!

You may have thought at some point while you've known me, "Wow, Jamie likes St. Patrick's day." or "She sure has a good time on St. Patrick's day!" But I can assure you, it's so much more! It's not just the day (though the day is great and the greens are grand), I actually start getting excited and prepared for St. Patrick's day well in advance. It's like when we were little and would get so excited for the first day of school that we'd set out our new outfit the night before (or even sleep in our new clothes, yes I think I did that). Well, here it is a week before the big day and I just couldn't wait! So a little preview for your blog-following enjoyment:

Seven days, my friends. :)

Can you take the anticipation?! Don't forget to wear green and make the most of this wonderful, beautiful day! March 17. Mark your calendars. It's coming up and they'll be here soon, (the leprechauns). We best get ready!