Friday, March 9, 2012

From my iPod to you.

I was just going through some pictures on my iPod and thought, “It’s a shame that no one is enjoying these but me!” So, here I am to rectify the situation! Without any further ado, I give you some of my favorite iPod “Kodak” moments (which may be redundant, but that’s okay).

photo (12)     photo (10)                

photo (9)     photo (13)                     

photo (14)     photo (11)

For those who don’t know, that cutie in the brown and blue stripes is Traci’s boy, Boden! I’ve had the pleasure of babysitting him and his brother, Payton the past few weeks and have loved it!

And now that I have figured out how to upload to YouTube—I’m a bit of a latecomer onto that scene, I must admit—here are a few fun videos as well! (Also compliments of my iPod).

Katie is funny!
I had just been showing Becca some pictures of Christopher on my iPod (this was the day he was born). She got so smiley and laughed a lot that I just had to try to capture a video of it!
Finally a more [semi]-recent one! I love Katie’s dance. It has evolved over the years. :)

Well now wasn’t that fun? This is also my first time using Live Writer. I really like it so far!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2 weeks! (and 2 days)

Three posts in one week and two in one day? Is that even allowed?

Um, if this little St. Patrick's day fanatic has anything to say about it, sure! Why not? It's March 1st, and you know what that means! I've given Valentine's day and Presidents day their due respect and it's time to turn our attention to my next holiday, the ever-lovely and graciously returning St. Patrick's day!

That's right, folks. Just two weeks (and two days) to go until the big day. What a perfect time for a little test run. :)

Of course we have some important birthdays coming up first and we won't overlook those. However, I can say that I don't feel too torn up inside about glossing over National Pig Day (today), If Pets had Thumbs Day (March 3rd), or Panic Day (March 9th, what? Who comes up with these?!). If you're going to go obscure holiday, I'd claim Peanut Butter Lovers' Day (today), Middle Name Pride Day (March 10), and National Potato Chip Day (March 14), myself. Pi day is probably worth celebrating too I suppose, as long as it's more about pie than pi.

I'll just say happy March, and leave it at that. :)

Michael's mission call

Hello all,

I figured some of you might be interested in re-living the opening of Michael's mission call. :)

If it will even work...we'll see!

We're so proud of Michael and happy for him!