Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First things first: I apologize, Thanksgiving.

I'm ashamed. I missed a holiday (in the blogging sense). Me, missing a holiday? I love holidays! I'm a Hansen! I'm the daughter of a holiday fairy! I've neglected Thanksgiving! That poor holiday that is already so overshadowed and I inadvertently contributed to its minimization...well better late than never. Let's start with a picture (I kind of took a short hiatus from taking pictures, so this is about all I have and it's thanks to my dutiful younger sister):

And it's a good thing Natalie caught this one when she did, because this is what followed!

Oh Daddy, you make me laugh. We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday with my mom's side of the family in Syracuse, UT. We ate some yummy food, enjoyed the break from school/work, and took advantage of some Black Friday deals...many of you are aware that my participation as a consumer didn't stop there and I happily continued my shopping trends on Cyber Monday as well. It's true, I (the very same Jamie, I assure you) have found a way I enjoy shopping: online (gotta say, I'm kind of huge fan of Amazon now) and/or with Natalie (seriously, she makes any excursion way fun, but particularly shopping adventures; I wouldn't have wanted to brave Target at midnight on Black Friday with anyone else!).

Anywhich (ooh, that's a new one!), my new-found materialism aside, we also had the opportunity to attend little Christopher's blessing--for some reason I smile at the pairing of "little" with Christopher, oh that's right, maybe this is why:

Love those cheeks little man! It was a lovely, delightful, pleasant, enjoyable holiday. Gratitude abounded. Much and many thanks were expressed. No pilgrims, but family and plenty of food.

And so ends this official blog-style commemoration of Thanksgiving, 2011. Apologies for my tardiness.


  1. I need to post about Thanksgiving too! I loved the pictures in this post :-).

  2. I do so love your blog entries! You allow us to relive all the highlights and enjoy the sweet memories and you have such a talent with words! So that means you are both talented AND beautiful! Thank you again for sharing!

  3. I second the above comments! Thanks for taking time to post Jamie. I know you're incredibly busy, and I really appreciate you letting me catch glimpses into your life these days. Love you!!

  4. so the code word to allow me to post that last post was hybou, which made me think of cebou, which is actually spelled cebu. which of course made me think of our times listening to veggie tales. cebuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! and barbara manatee manatee you are the one for me one for me! heehee. good times.

  5. Oh Jamie this just made me so happy! I love when you post on your blog. Thanksgiving was good times, and I'm sorry I didn't take any more pictures!