Thursday, August 2, 2012

I’m bAAAAaaaack!

Well my last post was intended to tide you over “in the meantime.” I never did specify the length of said “meantime” but I am fairly certain I meant it to be quite a bit shorter than these almost four months. I am so very sorry. Not that you probably mind or even judge me (there seems to be a  widespread shortage of new blog posts among us these days), but I was looking back over some of my “older posts” as they say (they being those mysterious unknown blogspot people who created that helpful little link to your previous posts that don’t fit on the one webpage) and found that I miss it, even if only for myself. Journaling has never been a strong point for me. Allow me to amend: it was a strong point for a year and a half of my life—bet you can’t guess when (insert sarcastic “hardy har har” here)! Needless to say (not one of my better opening phrases; I obviously feel some need to say it or else what would be the point of the rest of this sentence?), though I still would like and do aim to improve my personal journal keeping, I failed to realize that this blog has been a form of that since its inception.  I am grateful for the thoughts and memories it contains and am sorry that I have not made a more concentrated effort to record the thoughts and memories of the last few months (I have had them—thoughts and memories, that is).

Alright, enough of this “it’s been so long I don’t know where to start!” stalling subtext. Did you see that’s what I was doing? If not, yay for my subtlety (well I guess it was more of an “I apologize for not posting in so long” misdirection); if so, I know, I know…I’m doing it again! And indulge me, I’m going to go right on doing just that because this does present a quandary, a dilemma I know you can all appreciate! I just opened my Picasa and I have exactly 14 folders of photos (starting with St. Patrick’s day going through cousin Amanda’s homecoming) each of which could represent a potential blog post. So do I admit my defeat and begin with the most recent and make weak (though well-intended) promises to work my way back? Now that doesn’t seem right…who knows how long we’d have to wait for St. Patrick’s day which is WAAAAAY back there.

Never fear, I have inadvertently worked myself into a solution of sorts. I’d say all this mumbo jumbo is certainly sufficient for a post of it’s own and then to solidify my return to this triedandtrueblue audience, I will immediately return for a follow up post on the much-anticipated St. Patrick’s day 2012 (or at least I will return very shortly, after I fold a load of laundry whilst watching an episode of Dr. Who, and maybe logging some hours for work…hey “shortly” is quite relative and if I get to this promised second post of the day after such a lengthy 3.75ish month hiatus, even several hours is still “shortly” though definitely not “immediately” that was my bad. Haha, oh how I have missed you all.

And upon a re-inspection of the aforementioned 14 folders, one folder is probably not post-worthy on it’s own so I leave you with some pictures: of the beautiful countryside (I’m really not being sarcastic, I think it can be quite awe-inspiring) betwixt Utah and Colorado. These photos come from our well traversed drive through Wyoming that I most recently accomplished while accompanying Michael back in April.

IMG_3234  IMG_3223
IMG_3230  IMG_3240

Until later then!


  1. I'm so glad you blogged! It was fun to read your posts :). I should take your example and post on my blog!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you are back! :) Those are some beautiful sky pictures you captured. If there is one thing that is absolutely gorgeous on the drive between Utah and Colorado it's the sky!

  3. Well I'm way late checking up on your blog...sorry about that. I myself finally posted after about a 4 month break. I took the post what I'm doing now and maybe someday I'll get posted what has already happened approach.
    I'm glad you were able to celebrate St. Patty's day with fam! p.s. where did you get said Shamrock shake?