Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some stuff happened…and then Jennie turned 30!

I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to delve in to current events without some homage to my absence. But rather than berate myself, a quick update instead:

Some stuff happened.

Not enough? Alright, alright. A few quick details (and accompanying visual stimulation)…
A brother became a missionary:
A sister became a doctor (white coat and all):
A student became a teacher (in Hawaii of all places).
BYUH Panorama

Some nieces and nephews got even cuter.
IMG_3895         IMG_3909


IMG_3184    IMG_3686 

(A new nephew was born! I love you, Sammy!)

Some vacations, holidays and plain, precious family bonding.
IMG_3528  IMG_3901  IMG_3698  IMG_3703IMG_3858  IMG_3979  IMG_4146  IMG_4284   IMG_4493  IMG_4513   R1-03188-010A  Michael SkypeR1-03188-022A  R1-03188-024A
A lot of daunting dissertation dissonance (and unfortunately very little actual dissertating action).

But most importantly (or most recently): Jennie turned 30!
IMG_4602 IMG_4658IMG_4630 IMG_4642IMG_4698 IMG_4635IMG_4643 IMG_4592IMG_4645 IMG_4617IMG_4632 IMG_4616IMG_4587 IMG_4591IMG_4604 IMG_4611IMG_4598 IMG_4609IMG_4596 IMG_4590IMG_4653

(Jennie’s favorite color is red, “just in case you couldn’t tell”).

We really had a great time. We even talked about making it a tradition for each successive sibling turning 30 (in which case Paula would be up next year and me in a short two years after that, crazy!). I hope we really do, it was just fun to celebrate together.

And that’s how it’s done, folks! (Catch-up/re-entry to the blogosphere, that is.)

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  1. What a great post! :) That was a really great weekend. Thank you for coming! Miss you already!

  2. Oh, how I loved reading this post and seeing all the pictures! And it is SO FUN to relive the happy memories! You have quite a gift for blogging! And THANK YOU!!

  3. This is a wonderful catch-up post! All of the pictures are great. :) And I'm lovin your new blog background!! I miss you!