Friday, August 5, 2011

"It's [her] day, [her] day of birth!"


I know you've been disappointed that I haven't posted on my blog lately, but I am here to rectify the situation! And what better reason could there be than this, the 5th day of August, your birthday! Wahoo!
Well there is much I could say to you on this special day. But since this is a public blog and oh I don't know a whole five or so people may at some point read this as well, can I sing your praises? YOU'RE SO COOL!

I truly am grateful to have Natalie in my life. She is a wonderful sister and friend to me. I'm saddened by the thought of future summers without her (they only give those optometry students at Pacific their first summer off and then it's no nonsense the rest of the way!). Seriously though, these summers together are like the highlight of my year! We have so much fun without having to do anything in particular. Talking, laughing, watching movies or TV. I love it. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, she gets me GREAT deals on glasses!! Yesterday, she brought home my new semi-rimless glasses AND my new prescription sunglasses!! (Two firsts for me; pictures to follow...not yet, I haven't taken them, but this is a blog-worthy occasion in my mind, so in time, they will come). But I've digressed!

Back to the wonderful woman of the hour (who is not as yet awake on this her day of birth). I wish you the happiest of birthdays, Natalie. You say you check this everyday. I guess this will be the true test of that claim. :) But I hope you haven't given up on me (or the blog). I was just waiting for a note-worthy occasion like Natalie Jane's 22nd birthday!! Again, I hope it's a happy one. We love you!!

P.S. You're so studious. :)

Though at this particular moment, you were merely taking score for our game of Hearts on a paper plate. But look at that focus! Heehee...

Oh and did I mention? Natalie, happy birthday!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you Jamie! I DID check your blog today, so HA. I will admit, I don't check it every single day during the summer, but I do check it everyday during the school year! I love reading your blog posts, you are such an eloquent writer. But you do make it sound like I slept all day, even though I didn't sleep THAT late. Nonetheless, thanks for the blog post in my honor! You are the sweetest, and I am so lucky to have you as my sister. This day has been so special, thanks to you. If I had a blog, I would write all about the wonderful things you did for me today including the banana pancakes and the amazingly creative treasure hunt and everything else. You are truly wonderful! I love you!

  2. Happy birthday, Natalie! :) I love and miss you both!