Saturday, September 10, 2011

"These are a few of my favorite things"

I've decided to do something a little different with this post. Yesterday I finally washed the canisters that Paula gave me for my birthday and filled them with my flour and sugars. I got pretty excited by it which spurred on an idea I had circulating and percolating in my head since I moved in to my new place. By way of introduction and explanation this is going to be a post about some of my current/new "favorite things" (emphasis on the things, lest you think I'm getting a little too materialistic). ;)

So when the dog bites (thankfully never me), when the bee stings (though it was only the one time and it may have been a wasp, it was not a good feeling), when I'm feeling sad (yeah, that happens), I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feeeeeel soo baaaaad. :)

Aren't these great? I've wanted canisters for so long and now I finally have AWESOME ones! (I mean these are used to store ingredients in the pantry on Chopped!) Many thanks, Paula! One of my favorite birthday presents and definitely one of my favorite things right now. :)

This may seem silly to many of you, but I really like it! It's simple, it's sleek, but most importantly, it's my very own toothbrush holder for my very own toothbrush:). I've long wanted to store my toothbrush counter top (when I'm living in Provo), but to this point I have always shared the bathroom with another person/people, and I don't know, putting my toothbrush on the counter in a cup or something felt somehow presumptuous. So I kept it stored in a case in my designated drawer. Not anymore!

My new student ID card. (It's not that I don't trust you, but I blurred out some identifying information like the number; but I figured my name is already shown on this website as Jamie M. Hansen and you probably know I'm a student at BYU so no harm there:)). Anyway, this card is my means to access a meal plan generously purchased by my dad. As much as I said I didn't need one (and meant it), it sure is convenient and on countless occasions (including when I purchased all those cleaning supplies below from the Creamery) is right up there with my favorite things.

My very own cleaning supplies (and toilet paper!) for my very own bathroom. I really don't mind sharing, but there is something to be said for knowing who will be using this stuff (me) and that it will still be there next time I go for it. Enough said. :)

I got a new computer. :) Isn't pretty? I LOVE it. I love the feel of the keyboard, I love the screen, the track pad, the 10-key number pad; even the speakers are impressive! And I must say, Windows 7 has been surprisingly nice. It's been a much enjoyed step-up from my last one and I feel like I finally have a laptop I love as much as I did my Apple. Thank you, Daddy! It's SO great! Dissertation, here I come!

So this was primarily just meant to be another picture of my new Lenovo, but as it turns out it also showcases some of my other favorite things: my comfy bed, that guitar, my phone and iPod (love my means of staying in touch with all of you!) and a very refreshing gum Paula introduced me to, IceBreakers Ice Cubes - "it's good!"

I love having a chocolate stash. Sometimes I just get that craving for chocolate and it is wonderfully satisfying to have something like this on hand. Blankets are super nice to have around too. Fall and Winter will be here before we know it!

I was super psyched about this purchase (just ask anyone I saw on campus that day). It's a letter-opener and it cost 99 cents. Someone asked, "Do you get a lot of mail?" Well no. And truth be told, I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet, but I'm excited for when I do! It makes opening even bills a more enjoyable experience. :)

So there is a lot in this picture that I could talk about (books, movies...) but there is one clear object of focus that has been a tremendously rewarding find for me; it hasn't made it to the wall yet since I'm afraid of hanging it crooked, but what you see on that shelf is my very own framed picture of the Savior. I found a sale (50% off from Seagull Book!) and it was the last one at the store so I jumped on it. $20 for a 14x16 already-framed Greg Olsen "Gentle Healer" (one of my absolute favorite paintings of Christ). I LOVE having that picture in my room. Even now, I love being able to look over from where I'm sitting at my desk and see that beautiful painting (or print of painting, if we want to get technical).

Well there you have it. A few of my favorite things. I'm not feeling any sort of conclusion magic and we all know I'm not the best at goodbyes. So...that's a wrap, folks.


  1. I love all your favorite things! What a fun post. :) Looks like you have a great place.

    Also...what were you doing up so early on a Saturday morning??

  2. I love this post! It's exciting to see all of your stuff all nicely unpacked and organized in your room, and you did such a nice job. I'm glad you like your computer. :) You also make me wish I had my own bathroom! It seems so nice! And I agree with Jennie, you were up way too early on a Saturday morning. (Coming from the girl who slept until 12:30 this morning... er afternoon). Haha... I love you!

  3. Yay for favorites!! I especially like the artistic picture in which your bed(room) is reflected in your new laptop. And I hope you get to use your letter opener soon. And I have that same toothbrush holder!!! - it's nice; I quite agree - it's so hard to find a good toothbrush holder without sea shells, rubber duckies, or fancy marble these days...

  4. Your posts are so much fun! You are such a talented writer that you make even the simplest of things quite entertaining. I love your room! I am glad that we got to see it while we were there because it is fun to picture you in your place. Maybe I will sit right down and write you a little letter that you can open with your new letter opener!