Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Patrick's day, you make me smile!

So for whatever reason...well I know the reason(s), but they're not relevant to this here post...I've been in a little funk lately. Just a couple of days, really. Or an hour here, a couple hours there. It's hard because usually (gratefully) I'm a pretty happy, hopeful person. But anywhy (if we can say anywho, and anyhow, and anywhere, and anyway, why not anywhy?) there's a certain holiday coming up here in one week that never fails to make me smile and put me in good spirits. It's like magic! Green, St. Patty's day, leprechaun, pot o' gold magic!

You may have thought at some point while you've known me, "Wow, Jamie likes St. Patrick's day." or "She sure has a good time on St. Patrick's day!" But I can assure you, it's so much more! It's not just the day (though the day is great and the greens are grand), I actually start getting excited and prepared for St. Patrick's day well in advance. It's like when we were little and would get so excited for the first day of school that we'd set out our new outfit the night before (or even sleep in our new clothes, yes I think I did that). Well, here it is a week before the big day and I just couldn't wait! So a little preview for your blog-following enjoyment:

Seven days, my friends. :)

Can you take the anticipation?! Don't forget to wear green and make the most of this wonderful, beautiful day! March 17. Mark your calendars. It's coming up and they'll be here soon, (the leprechauns). We best get ready!


  1. yay! It's good to see a preview of what's in store! I realized the other day that even though William has to be in uniform on St. Patrick's Day, he'll still be festive because his ABUs (the cammo things) are GREEN! ...well, maybe not ;( William just informed me that he doesn't have class that day, so he won't be wearing his ABUs and he doesn't have anything green...I'll have to see what I can do about that :)

  2. I have a special surprise in store for you on St. Patrick's Day, Jamie. :)