Saturday, March 12, 2011

"You are my brother!"


Well I don't know that Michael is much of a blog-follower/reader, but after I looked through some old pictures this morning, I couldn't help but post!

Not to worry, this isn't the last picture taken of us or anything. I just liked it. I can't believe how much and how fast you've grown, Michael! You're 18 today? That's crazy! And very cool. :)

I'm fairly certain this is the first video I've posted. And in my humble opinion, it's pretty awesome. I just love it. So I've named it Michael's Disneyland Dance (not to underplay your part in it though, Natalie) but for today's purposes, it might as well be his birthday dance! :) I hope he doesn't mind my sharing it!

And now for the more recent stuff. He is after all, 18 years old today (if you didn't catch that before).

And finally, one of my favorite pictures of all time (props to Michael Ciaglo for doing M-hans' Senior pictures, they turned out great):

Actually, it's a hard pick; I loved a lot of Michael's senior pictures...oh indulge me, just a couple more:
What can I say? I love this kid! Michael, happy birthday. Know that we are all so very proud of you and SO grateful to have you in our family and home. You're awesome, talented, fun-loving and the best little brother we four sisters could ask for. Happy 18th! :)


  1. Thank you soo much Jamie! I love you :)

  2. That was Michael! Thank you so much for posting this Jamie! It is so wonderful and we really love the video! We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  3. Was that video from Disneyland on the day before my wedding? So fun. :)

    I sure love our brother Michael! And I really like his senior pictures, too. :)