Friday, March 11, 2011

"You are my [sister]."


So I went on a quest to find a picture of myself and Jennie for this special-edition birthday post, and you know what? It was harder than it should have been. I think the last picture that was taken of the both of us was this one (Daddy's 50th birthday celebration/meeting Sarah in Oregon, last JUNE):

And we're not even sitting next to each other! Jennie, we need to rectify this situation. You and me, picture time, May 22, 2011. Be there, or be well, absent. But you'll be there! Yes, I see this working.

Well I thought I'd include a more recent (and absolutely wonderful) picture of Jennie with her family that I sleuth-fully downloaded from Facebook.

Now aren't they a good-looking family? The answer is yes. Decidedly so. Unequivocally so. And no, I'm not biased at all.

Anyway, happy happy birthday to my wonderful oldest sister! There's no one like you in the world (or my life) and I'm so grateful to have your friendship. I hope your day is special and full of smiles and laughs and the fun of birthday magic!

I love you, Jennie!


  1. Oh wow! I feel special! I got my very own post on your blog. :) Thank you! I miss you! We will definitely take pictures together in May. I was so jealous when I saw the pictures on facebook of you and Natalie and Mikey at Christmas. We'll definitely fix it!

  2. And I love you too! (How did I forget to say that in my comment?? Silly me.)