Monday, October 3, 2011

Reasons to smile!

Well, I don't have any particular reason to be posting this evening but I've been told I should post more often. That's right, I have a fan! (Natalie, you make me feel like a blogging rock star.) Lest any one of you feel left out, I do appreciate each and every person who views my humble virtual abode as worthy of your time and attention in this vast and varied avenue we call our blogosphere. It's truly an honor. (A little hint though, leaving comments helps me know you were here and makes me feel special and loved. Just sayin'. Not a guilt trip, merely a friendly reminder that pursuing the "Post a comment" path is a great way to show your fellow bloggers you care)...alright I'm done.

Oh but not really! We've only just LIVE! (Wow, it's surprisingly hard to try to quote one song while simultaneously listening to another in headphones. Try it sometime!) In all seriousness though, (well in whatever seriousness that can be mustered in this post about smiling), I give you the handful of things I've had to smile about today. :) :) :) Oh wow, there I go again! I just can't help it! Gotta love smiles bubbling over into laughter...

I think the biggest reason to smile of the day is merely that I'm feeling better! What a wonderful change in mind and body when one recovers from being ill. As a very wise woman commented to me today, "being sick is the pits!" It SO is! And I'm climbing out of those pits, baby! (Can I pull off "baby?" Too late, already did!)

Another reason to smile: great friends. Thanks to the friends in my life who though distance and/or circumstance may separate, love, concern and continued support endure! :D Big smile on that one!

Let's not forget the wonderful smile-inducing power of great music! Have you forgotten? It's okay. You can be reminded. But the trick is to find a song that is personal/moving to you. Those are the songs that will make you smile. The ones that did the trick for me today (interestingly but not inexplicably) included Out of my League by Stephen Speaks, Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood, You are Loved (Don't Give Up) and Remember when it Rained by Josh Groban. If I were feeling particularly ambitious, I'd try to hyperlink those for your convenience to a place that will play them for you. I guess you'll have to be proactive and ambitious on your own this time, folks. Might I suggest copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V)? I can recommend! Oh, see that? I must love you guys.

Alright, fourth and finally (didn't realize I was counting, did you?): taking pictures of yourself using your webcam. (Awkward, but true). Perhaps it's the very silliness of the act that prompts one to smile at the absurdity. We'll say I was modeling my semi-new, semi-rimless glasses just for you! Not convinced? Okay, I was kind of excited that I had color in my face again, is that vain? Very well. As my friends, the Beatles have proclaimed, "Let it be." (The pictures may not show the color very well, but trust me, I do get paler! I know, the mind shudders to think...)

And apparently, I was practicing lifting one eyebrow.
(I'll keep practicing.)

As Katie endearingly says, "You're silly, Jamie!" Yes, Katie. I am silly. But I am also smiling! That has to be a good sign, no? We have a lot of things in life to smile about.

Oh I thought of something(s) else! I know I already said "fourth and finally" but would you be so kind as to allow me a "fifth and formerly?" I have been smiling a lot this evening about the sounds of Fall spilling through my open window. Leaves rustling in the wind against the pavement. And...wait for it...rain! I love the sound, smell, taste and feel of rain. What sense am I missing? Oh yes, I like the look of it too.

Peace out. It's past my bedtime!

Oh and share your smiles. They're contagious.


  1. P.S. I made two small changes to my blog. If you can name them, you get a prize! (I'll even give you a hint: it's not the background design.)

  2. You changed the title! It used to read "Living and Loving the Learning", right? And you added "and with family and friends" to the blurb at the top. Do I get the prize?? ;)

    Anyway, this is a great post! I'm a big fan of yours, too (you definitely have more than one!). I greatly enjoyed your reasons to smile, and they made me smile on this dreary morning in Oregon.

  3. Close, Jennie! You're one for two. :) I regret to inform you that you have been disqualified.(Just for this round, I'm sure there will be other rounds and other prizes).

  4. Well, Jennie got the first one (the change in blog title), but I think the second one is that you added a second quote to your sidebar?? ("True love in this differs from gold and clay
    That to divide is not to take away.") That's my guess! Maybe I will get half a prize :)

    I just LOVE this post! And I feel extra qualified to love it because I know exactly how you feel! With this particular illness I have been SO drained and miserable and pale. And as soon as it started to go away I was just so happy to be feeling better, it totally put a smile on my face! I was just thinking about how much getting sick puts things in perspective. And I can't say I love the rain, but I can relate to the rest of it! Haha, love you Jamie.

  5. haha I love your family! you all make me smile.
    webcam pictures also make me smile. they ARE ridiculous and I totally do it too :) And fall is a wonderfully happy smell.

  6. I read your blog!!! I read every post. But I must say, I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to your contest because I mostly read your blog in my google reader. That, and I'm super unobservant...I was going to say it was the background :). I love you! I'm so glad you're feeling better. I felt so bad!

  7. Oh I feel loved. Thank you all for your comments. Natalie, you're absolutely right! I guess since I'm coming to Oregon next week, you could technically share the prize. :) But isn't that a great quote? I came across it in this philosophy book I'm reading. Can't even pronounce that source, but yeah, I really really liked the quote.

  8. Jamie, I'm so glad you are feeling better! Being sick is the pits! And, I am glad you found Stephen Speaks. It is nice to share something with you because you are always to open my world!! I love you!

  9. *always opening my world more! (Sorry, crying baby distracted me)