Sunday, October 30, 2011

A mid-semester vacation in Oregon. :)

Long overdue and soon to be overshadowed by the next big event (Halloween is tomorrow, after all), I would be REMISS if I failed to post about the awesomeness that went down October 12-17th, 2011 in and around Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

And what better way to start this trip down memory lane than with this lovely picture (it's not blurry, the majority of people in it are smiling and as a special bonus, you are now privy to one of the many classic expressions of James).

Unfortunately, the time I have allotted myself to this post is quite limited (in light of some things I really must accomplish today). Don't judge too harshly, I'm consorting to homework on the Sabbath! But it's one of those "once in a blue moon" scenarios--it just so happens that my last "blue moon" was only four weeks ago...hmm, I'm getting distracted! No time for such shenanigans!

20 minutes left. Ready, set, go!

I arrived in Portland late Wednesday night (as did my parents) so we had essentially four uninterrupted days together in which we managed to do quite a lot of things!

Thursday: Spent some time in Jennie and Paul's new home! Was introduced to "green smoothies" for the first time. Ate a delicious homemade pizza for lunch that Jennie whipped together in 20 minutes (literally, start to finish!). Went to Forest Grove, visited Natalie's campus (known to locals and others not in our family as Pacific University) and acted as "patients" for Natalie to practice on. Fun fun and more fun!

Friday: Multnomah Falls. (I've digressed from fragments to grossly under-represented abbreviations)

Saturday: Trip to the coast (Cannon Beach, another beach that was a State park, I think?) and Tillamook Cheese Factory!

Sunday: Oh. Out of time. My bad, but I better be going!

BEAUTIFUL places + DELICIOUS food + time with AMAZING people/relationships called FAMILY = a tremendous blessing for which I am truly grateful. And on top of everything, it turned out to be a blissful break from the stress and demands of the PhD process I apparently volunteered to endure. :)

Whew! Now that that's been taken care of, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody!


  1. Another bonus of your first picture: I don't have a double chin! :)

    What a great post! We had such a fun time with you. Good luck with all your school work! I hope you get to squeeze in at least a little Halloween fun!

  2. This post brought a smile to my face while I was studying last night, and that's saying something. I had SO much fun while you were here, it was so great that you got to take a break from school and visit during my fall break!! Also, I'm impressed that you waded through the 600+ pictures to find the really cute ones. I love you! Hope school is going okay!