Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A friendly visit

I guess one of the benefits of still being in Provo is that it seems to be somewhat of a gathering spot and so I get the pleasure of seeing old friends on occasion when they are back in town visiting. Such was the case last weekend! My good friend Jessica and her husband (and adorable boy) came up from Arizona last weekend. Their main reason for coming was actually the BYU football game. They picked a great week to come up for a game! Anyway, it was sure great to see Jessica and finally meet her little one. :)

I love families!

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  1. Oh Jamie, I missed the post! I am sorry! Let me begin by saying how sweet you are and how wonderful it was to see you! I really loved getting to actually SEE, SEE you. We talk a lot- but in person is always better! Thanks for the email with the picures too. I am so glad I have those! Okay, I will end by saying... I LOVE YOU!