Friday, November 5, 2010

"...Who's the SCARIEST of them all?!"

Thanks in large part to Grandma Hansen, Halloween is another really fun time of year for us. Her house was so festive every year for this holiday. And the traditions that started with her continue today! Thanks, Grandma (and to our parents of course!)!

This year, since Halloween fell on Sunday, we made a weekend of it and Paula invited me to spend it with them in South Jordan. I'm so glad I did; it was a ton of fun! I could try to express in words, but I think this is a case where pictures just do a much better job.

I know you can't see Katie's face in this one, but it captures the sister costume theme (Mario Kart)! Becca is Princess Peach and Katie is a bomb and they were both a huge hit! Way to go, Brian and Paula!

I just love that little fuse on her head! Paula made this costume herself! Isn't it great?

Paula and I dressed up as Village Inn groupies. I felt like a little kid again being so excited to show Daddy our costumes. His response definitely didn't disappoint as he promptly figured out how to take pictures on Skype so he could show his department at work.

And last but not least, our masterpiece pumpkins. This was the first time I did a nontraditional carving. Thanks, Brian for the great directions! Can you guess what they all are?


  1. I love the title of this. I will never forget those creepy dolls! I also love the pictures! I wish we could have all spent Halloween together, but I'm glad no one is without family. :)

  2. Well said, Natalie. I wish we could have spent it together too; but that no one is without family is a wonderful blessing.

  3. I love the costumes, especially Katie's bomb one! I remember being jealous that your Grandma Hansen would make you guys the coolest Halloween costumes.