Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to you!

I don't remember how the idea came to me, but when I was on my mission I wanted to do something special for my siblings on their birthdays (since I couldn't wish them a "Happy Birthday" in person). So for each birthday, I decided to make a sign, take a picture of myself holding it and send it to them (picture and sign) in the mail. Well today is Heather's first birthday since she's been back from her mission, but of course she up and moved to Maryland:). So I thought I'd revert back to my old ways...only electronically, because I didn't think of it in time for it to get there "snail mail."



  1. well, I thought I commented on your beautiful, wonderful, special just for me post yesterday, but when I came to your blog, it said zero comments and i thought "how rude!" so, here's what I can remember of what I wrote:

    dear jamie, you are dear and you are awesome. and you are jamie. (i added that last part in, it's very true you know.) Thank you so much for your birthday presents - the music is lovely!! the candy was spectacular (emphasis on the was as it is now all gone) and we're excited to play more card games together! and I'm even more excited to open more presents and see William open his...such suspense!! - (back to the "thank you so much for" part) the birthday call, birthday text, mint brownies birthday picture message, and birthday blog post!!! They are so happy and make me feel special. 24 special, in fact!!
    Love, Heather.

    So, I guess I added a few things since then and this is turning more into a blog post itself rather than a comment...maybe I should have just posted it on my blog :) The first song I played in that booklet turns out to be THE most awesome arrangement I've ever heard for If You Could Hie to Kolob and is the very same one that BYU did a dance number to - with the four girls in golden yellow dresses and the three men dressed totally in black and they are the most graceful women I have ever seen in my life on the dance floor (and probably off too). Do you remember that? Anywho...I love it and I love you! Thanks!!

  2. Well, I appreciate you coming back and commenting again even though it was rude that it didn't record your first effort. Thank you:). I didn't know that about the If You Could Hie to Kolob arrangement. That is awesome. I will admit that I used your birthday present before I gave it to you:). It was actually really fun to pick out because I got to try out a bunch of stuff at the music store (on a digital piano with headphones). And then that weekend I took your book to church early and found an empty classroom and just played for about an hour. So thank you for sharing:). I'm glad you've enjoyed your present and birthday well-wishes. I hope it was a special one. Now on to William's turn:).