Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome one, welcome all.

I did it! I have officially entered the "blogosphere" (which, in my opinion, is a funny word)! You want to hear another? "Bloggernacle" Yep, it's a word...sort of. I inadvertently came across it whilst conducting some initial research in preparation for my entry into the blogging universe. Okay, okay, I saw it on Wikipedia because I had looked up "blogosphere" to make sure I was using it correctly (turns out I'm a bit nervous for my debut as a blogger). Apparently, "the Bloggernacle or Bloggernacle choir is a name that has been adopted by some in the LDS blogging community to describe the Mormon portion of the blogosphere." Interesting. Thank you, Wikipedia.

Anyway, moving on! And up! And forward! And eventually out! I suppose I shall begin with my purpose in starting this blog: __________ "Then again, maybe not." Anybody know where that's from? A movie? I Love Lucy? Or is it just a cliche saying? If you know, do tell! Post a comment. Enlighten us. Oh and the way I'm saying it (that makes it sound so familiar as to suggest some specific source) is with the inflection or tone going up on "again" and down with "not"--make sense? I'd be happy to illustrate to those who so inquire. But back to your normally scheduled programming: So I don't have an aim spelled out yet for this blog. No specifically defined goal, no predetermined purpose. I just found myself wanting to make the plunge. Will it primarily be a means for recording graduate school experiences? Maybe. A way to preserve memories? Most likely. An expression of my innermost thoughts and feelings? Probably not entirely. I'm excited though! Where this road leads, I do not know, but on this path I am determined to go. And yes, you may quote me on that.

So welcome to my blog. I'm happy to have you and hope you will visit often. Probably coming up in the near future (i.e., my vague, undetermined plans for this blog at this point include): A post on Halloween, an explanation of the address, my cohort hike to Stewart Falls, and much, much more! (Well I hope so anyway, at the moment, that's about all I got). Goodnight fellow bloggers!


  1. It's from Beauty and the Beast! Lumiere says it! Do I win a prize? :) And! I got to be your first follower. I think I definitely deserve a prize. Ha ha.

    Jamie! I think you will be an awesome blogger. I'm glad you decided to start one. :)

  2. Thank you!! I should have known that, I was so stumped! I knew it had to be from something! You definitely deserve a prize. Until I think of something else, here it is: since I'm going to be such a popular blogger, I'll do a post praising the ingenuity and brilliance of one Free publicity! :)

  3. Yay!! I'm so excited for your blog! I already added it to my reader so I will be notified of any posts. What a great idea!

  4. I was going to say the Little Mermaid (Sebastian), but once reading Jennie's comment I realized I was wrong! Definitely recognized the quote though. And I also love that you are blogging! I'm so excited! I will be an avid follower. :)

  5. Wahoo! What a great idea: Jamie the blogger. We're excited to read it. William knew the quote, but I was stumped. And then when he said beauty and the beast i thought it was Coggsworth (is that how he spells his name???). I guess the only line I know from that movie is "Thank you. Thank you very much!"
    Love you Jamie!!